Google Forms in the Classroom by Kathe L Santillo M.Ed.

Google Forms in the Classroom

Book Title: Google Forms in the Classroom

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1530206316

Author: Kathe L Santillo M.Ed.

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Kathe L Santillo M.Ed. with Google Forms in the Classroom

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This is a second edition updated to include the latest Google Forms features! Step-by-step instructions and tons of screenshots fill this 158 page book! This is a one-of-a kind book for teachers and administrators who want to improve and streamline their electronic assessments, Common Core lessons, classroom management tools, communications, and more using the free online app, Google Forms. Google Forms can be used for: • Surveys and polls • Classroom management tools • Formative and summative assessment tools • Reading logs • Parent/student/volunteer sign-up sheets • Quizzes • Writing Prompts • Rubrics • Reading Journals • Lesson Plan Bank • ANY classroom document! Google Forms are simple to create, but can be extremely valuable. Using Google Forms in the classroom, a teacher (or even students) can create, collate, process, and share data easily and effectively. This book will walk you step-by-step through all of the processes of using Google Forms in the classroom: • setting up a Google account • creating and customizing multiple types of Forms • formatting and evaluating data • add multimedia to quizzes and lessons to make them interactive • using add-ons to really make Google Forms work for you • creating branching lessons and quizzes for differentiated instruction • adding multimedia to use Forms as writing prompts to encourage critical thinking • creating self-grading quizzes Also included are detailed instructions for using the free add-ons, Flubaroo, for automatic grading, and Autocrat, a free, powerful document merge app that lets you create professional or creative documents, such as letters or award certificates, right from the data entered into a Google Form. Benefits of Google Forms Include: • PAPERLESS! No rushing to the copier to copy tests and forms • Instant feedback for real-time data driven decisions • Access with mobile devices ANYWHERE • Fits perfectly into online learning coursework • Engages students • Your data is all in one place and can be immediately and easily shared • Create and archive lessons to re-use each school year • Using branching feature to differentiate instruction • All data is available in one convenient location Using Google Forms instead of paper documents can greatly streamline your classroom management tasks; make assessment more efficient, support data-driven decisions, and enhance sharing with parents, colleagues, and administrators. You’ll wonder how you ever managed your classes without it!